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Tooth Colored Fillings

Pain Free Fillings

A tooth colored filling is typically indicated when there is decay on a tooth that needs to be removed. Fillings can also be used to replace small pieces of a tooth that have chipped off. After removing the portion of a tooth that is decayed, the filling material is placed to restore the tooth. You will be numbed up by the dentist prior to starting the procedure and you will not experience any pain while the tooth is being filled!

Beautiful Results

All of the fillings done in our office are done with a filling material called composite. Composite is a light cured resin material that comes in multiple tooth colored shades in order to closely match the shade of your tooth. The resulting filling is often indistinguishable from the natural tooth structure.


A tooth cavity that has had its decay removed and a composite filling placed.

Efficient Process

Once the decay has been removed from your tooth and the filling material is placed, it is instantly hardened with a UV light in a process that only takes a few seconds. The filling is then shaped and polished. Everything can be completed in a single visit, and you will see the final results at the end of the appointment.

Let our skilled dentist in San Antonio complete your cavity fillings today before they worsen!