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Tooth Colored Crowns

Beautiful, Reliable Results

A dental crown, otherwise known as a “cap”, may be indicated if a tooth has lost too much tooth structure to be restored with a dental filling, for a root canal treated tooth (teeth that have had root canals become brittle over time and must have crowns placed in order to reinforce the remaining tooth structure and ensure that they do not fracture in the future), or for cosmetic reasons.


All of our crowns are tooth colored and blend in perfectly with your adjacent natural teeth. Your newly fabricated crown will be shade matched to perfectly blend in with your adjacent teeth. We use tooth colored material (porcelain, zirconia, or eMax) that is nearly indistinguishable from natural teeth.


A beautiful, natural crown ready to be cemented.

A Pain Free, Quick Process

The process for getting a crown in our office is incredibly simple. Your dentist will numb you with local anesthesia so that you will not feel any pain throughout the procedure. Your tooth will be shaved down to make room for your new crown and an impression of your tooth will then be taken to send to our state of the art dental laboratory who will be responsible for fabricating your crown. We will then fabricate you a temporary crown, which you will have until the laboratory is done fabricating your crown. When your crown is ready, we will have you back to our office to try in your crown. As long as the crown is a perfect fit for your tooth and you are 100% satisfied with the way things look, we will cement your crown.

Unbeatable Service

If you are in the San Antonio area and need a dental crown, call us today! After a clinical evaluation, we will let you know if a dental crown will improve your oral health.