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Root Canal Therapy

Same Day Treatment

In many cases, a tooth that needs a root canal may be a dental emergency. At our office, we offer same day root canal treatment. In many cases, treatment can be started and completed in one visit. In other cases (including cases with significant swelling present), antibiotics may be needed to be prescribed prior to beginning treatment, or treatment may require more than one visit.

The Process

A root canal may be indicated due to a large cavity on your tooth that has exposed the nerve of your tooth, trauma, or due to an infection getting started in your tooth. In many cases you will be experiencing significant pain, however, in some cases pain may be minimal or non-existent. Every tooth has a nerve and blood supply. The nerve runs up and down the root of your tooth in canals. During the process of a root canal, the canals are cleaned out with a disinfectant and the nerve is removed from the tooth. The canals are then filled with a filling material to prevent bacteria from re-entering this space in the future. Following root canal therapy, teeth become structurally weakened (as they have lost their nerve and blood supply) and almost all root canal treated teeth should have a dental crown placed to ensure that they do not fracture in the future.


An illustration outlining the process for an infected tooth needing root canal therapy.


Pain Free

A root canal should not be a painful procedure! We utilize local anesthesia prior to beginning treatment and your tooth will be completely numb. Our skilled, gentle dentists will ensure that you have an incredible experience.


While tooth pain is in many instances associated with a tooth that needs root canal therapy, it is not always the case. In some instances, a tooth causing you discomfort may be fixed with a dental filling or dental crown. In other cases, periodontal issues can mimic tooth pain and you may need a deep cleaning in order to resolve your pain. Prior to beginning any treatment, your dentist will sit down with you and perform a clinical examination and take applicable x-rays. Based off your symptoms and x-rays, the dentist will let you know if root canal treatment is necessary and will answer any questions that you may have.

Our San Antonio dental office is open for root canal treatment and dental emergencies, call us today to schedule your appointment!